Handcrafted cards, wrapping supplies, party supplies, pillow boxes, and home decor. From Christmas cards to blank notes, this shop features a variety of paper crafts for someone looking for handmade goods and home decor. Works are produced in Evansville, Indiana.

I have always been an “arts and crafter” from the time I picked up a crayon to today. I love the variety and potential of working with paper. I started my shop on Etsy as an outlet from an unproductive career move. I needed something to inspire me internally to supplement my unfulfilled life at my day job. DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts was born in July 2011.  With my new found energy fostered through this creative outlet, I mustered the confidence to leave my previous position and pursue a promotion at another organization. DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts continues as a complement to my day job and is one of the many love affairs in my life.

I usually am a weekend crafter but am always looking around me for ideas and inspiration. I very much appreciate your time spend in my shop and please do not hesitate to contact or connect.


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