Who doesn’t love some mini-cards?

They are here! The newest products in my Etsy shop are mini-cards!

Who doesn’t love the convenience of having a set of mini-cards handy to brighten someone’s day?  I personally love to use these little vessels of cheer to tell a co-worker “thank you” or to tell a loved one to “have a great day.”  I just added a series of mini cards and envelope sets at DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts.  Each set includes a card with a scalloped circle on the front and includes a matching envelope .  I also love the idea of mixing and matching cards and envelopes in these sets!  Check out the new listings:

Mini Note Card-Set of 8 Warm Colors with Envelopes    Mini Note Card-Set of 8 with Envelopes    Mini Note Card-Set of 8 Fun Patterns with Envelopes

I made each of these cards and envelopes by hand so they are very unique!  I also added a bit of adhesive to the tips of each envelope flat which will close the pocket when moistened.

I would also love to make some custom cards if you need some for a certain occasion or if you have a set of colors you would fancy other than what is currently listed.

Thanks for stopping by!



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