Etsy Introduces New “About” Section for Shops

I settled down into my usual Saturday morning routine while my husband continued to snooze.  Coffee mug in hand, I headed to my laptop to wander around the online handmade world and to update my shop on  I was leisurely clicking through my tabs and pages when I stumbled upon the latest update offered through the handmade and vintage mecca.  Etsy now has a new look to the “About” pages for shops.

Shop owners can now post a personal photo, write a personal bio, write a shop story about how he or she got started in handmade and vintage retail, or to include any interesting facts that makes the shop different from any other on the site.  I particularly was impressed by the freedom offered in the initial story-telling opportunity; the form had enough space for 5,000 characters!  I had trouble filling about 900, but that is a whole other story.  Users can add a headline to their shop story and can easily add other members, owners, designers, makers, or curators that have a major stake in the shop. 

One feature I particularly liked, but did not take advantage of (yet), is the opportunity to add a photo montage of different images that represent the shop, owner, or designers.  This is particularly handy to show the shop managers story in images from inspiration to process to customers.  Fun!  the last section of the new “About” page allows the Etsian to add links to Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, blogs, and websites.  I particularly appreciated this one-stop-shop to list ways to connect with me and my shop.

One thing I did dislike was the fact that I could not crop my photo to better fit my portrait.  But, who knows, maybe I am defunct and did not figure it out after a few seconds of clicking and dragging.

All in all, I am a big fan of this change.  I love the idea behind connecting with a customer by providing photos of the creative process and by writing a creative shop story to engage shoppers and fellow Etsians. 

Bravo, Etsy.  Keep up the good work.

Check out my updated shop “About” page here.


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