How To Tuesday: Playing Card Mini-Journal


  • Old playing cards
  • Plain copy paper or notebook paper
  • Cardstock scrap
  • Rubber cement
  • Ruler
  • Binder Clips (you will need 3, not shown in materials picture)

Step 1: Measure your playing cards as closely as you can.  You will want an accurate measure because you do not want your pages to stick out from under the playing card cover.  Measure and mark your plain paper and cut precisely.

Step 2: Stack the plain paper and tap the edges against a hard surface to line up the edges.  Once the edges are lined up, add the front and back to your mini-journal.  Next, clip three sides (not the top!) with the binder clips.

Step 3:  Coat the top edge of your paper stack with the rubber cement.  Give the top a couple of coats of rubber cement.

Step 4:  Cut your scrap cardstock to fit the top width of your mini-journal.  It might be helpful to cut the cardstock wider than the journal then trim off excess.  Coat the cardstock with rubber cement then place your mini-journal (rubber cement side down) on the cardstock.

Step 5:  Let the project dry and trim any excess pages or cardstock.


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